My name is Juan Felipe Torres im from Bogota D.C, Colombia in South America i mayor in advertising, i just recently graduated from college, my city is an 8 million people city and is caothic, every where you go there a street being repaired, right now they are bulding the integrated transport system joins public transport with a massive transport systems called 'Transmilenio', kind like a metro but with buses and they are going to start to build city metro, add to that one and a half million cars we have here and you have a lot of caos. if you take your car everywere it takes for ever, if you take Transmilenio is too crowded and yo'll get muged, what do you have left your good old bike.

 But luckly there was a mayor here in Bogota that loved to ride bike so he build exlusive bike lanes all around the city called "Ciclo Rutas" so you can move around the city all time, no traffic jams, no risk of being hit by cars and created this bike culture that is growing up so fast a lot of people now uses "Ciclo Rutas" to go every where they need, im proud to be a part of that group, and everyday i see so many diferent stories going on the Ciclo Rutas that id like to share, you can see and feel the city from a diferent angle, so many intrested things to see and thats why i opened this page.

I know that in every city of the world theres a bike waiting to be ridden, when you get on a bike many there are many things outside wating to happen, it doesnt matter if yore going to work, if youre on vacations, if you just felt you like to go out for a ride, even if you do the same route everey day, there are going to be many diferent stories going on, so we invite to share all that amazing stories arround the world, take your camera with you when you go for your next ride, or maybe just wrote a story that you remeber when you where riding your bike, or you can just tell us why do you like riding so much, share with everybody your culture, your city, its people. 

 Lets share the world on a bike!

Sorry about my english, its pretty bad i know!.